1. What and who is Chelsea FC Soccer School Indonesia?

Chelsea FC Soccer School Indonesia is the Official Chelsea FC Soccer School in Indonesia. We operate under Chelsea’s unique coaching philosophies and are affiliated with Chelsea FC.

Our coaching and training methods are conducted by professional Chelsea FC Certified Coaches who have undergone the Chelsea FC Coaches Training programme.
To ensure our training methods are up-to-date, Chelsea FC Foundation coaches and our CFCSS coaches are in constant dialogue with one another.

2. Who can join?

Our sessions are open to all boys and girls aged 6 - 17 regardless of their ability.

3. How many sessions are there in a term at the Chelsea FC Soccer School Indonesia?

There are 13 sessions in a term over the course of 3 months. For more information on our course timetable please view our timetable.

4. How long is a Session

Each Session is 90 minutes long. For more information on the timings of our available sessions please view our timetable.

5. How much does it cost?

Weekday/Weekend Classes
1 session: Rp 280,000
4 sessions per month: Rp 880,000.00
13 sessions per term: Rp 2,700,000.00

For more information on our fees and terms please view our fees.

6. Upon registration, what will my child receive from Chelsea FC Soccer School Indonesia?

Upon registration, registered participants will receive a full Chelsea FC Soccer School Adidas training kit which consists of the following:

1 x Adidas Jersey
1 x Adidas Shorts
1 x pair of Adidas Socks

As this is the official CFCSS Training Kit, students are encouraged to wear it during training sessions.

7. The current training term has already started can my child still join before the next term starts?

Parents are encouraged to sign up their child to start training at the beginning of a new term. A new term starts every quarter.

If you want to sign up your child into an existing term, please contact our office first to see if we can arrange a place for them.

8. Where are the sessions held

Our sessions are currently held at:

Senayan, Lapangan F
Pintu 1 Senayan
Kompleks Gelora Bung Karno
Jakarta Pusat

For further details please view our venues.

*To manage our facility safely and to ensure that all participants benefit from the sessions, Chelsea FC Soccer School Indonesia reserves the right to change the session to an alternative field in the area. Parents will be notified in advance should this be necessary

9. What do the sessions offer?

Our sessions offer children a fun learning experience using the same training methods that the Chelsea FC Foundation use in the UK to develop young players. Sessions are designed to improve players’ concentration, reactions, ball skills, co-ordination and awareness

10. What happens in the event of bad weather conditions?

All sessions are subject to changes in the event of adverse weather conditions (e.g. rainstorms or thunderstorm, or where playing on an open pitch is unsafe).
All parents or participants will be notified within 1 hour and 30mins before the session start in the event of one of the above weather conditions and when time allows an SMS will also be sent informing of the cancellation.
Where safe Chelsea FC Soccer School Indonesia will always endeavor to deliver the session and the final decision will rest with the coaches.
If a session is cancelled due to adverse weather, a make-up session will be arranged. In the event that make up sessions cannot be arranged, other arrangements will be made.

11. What happens if my child cannot attend a lesson? Will I get a refund or a make up session?

If you choose not to attend a session, you will not receive a refund or a make up session.

If however your child is sick / injured and you notify us prior to the session and can then provide us with a doctor's note / medical certificate, we will be happy to try to arrange a make up session for your child, or other arrangement will be made.

12. Should I bring anything to the session for my child?

Footwear - suitable for Artificial turf (football boots or turf shoes)
Shin pads - must be worn for health and safety reasons
CFCSS kit - supplied when your child first enrols on our course
Drinks - we recommend non-fizzy drinks such as water or a sports drink
If attending the goalkeeping session it is advised to bring goalkeeper gloves

13. What should I do during the sessions?

We welcome parents to stay and watch the sessions but only players and coaches are allowed on the pitch during sessions.

14. How many participants are there in a session?

In the interests of safety and quality, the participants enjoyment of the session and the ideal football development environment, Chelsea FC Soccer School Indonesia adheres to the Chelsea FC Foundation's coach to players ratio.

15. How to apply for a place for my child?

Click to Apply Now


If you have any more questions and would like to contact us, please click here for our contact details.

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